1. Ask

From the recording LIFE VOL. 1

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Sam and Becca Mizell


I pray for a rescue Cause I don't want to go through this
I pray for another road Cause I don't know how to do this
I pray for a forcefield So nothing will hurt me
I pray you'll give me an exit Real fast in a hurry

But If I knew what you know
What would I ask for
If i saw what you see
What would I let go
If I loved how you love
What would I give away
What would I treasure more
What would I ask for

I pray for an ending Right when the hard begins
I pray for a different piece When mine doesn't fit
I pray you'll make me stronger But keep me from the scars
I pray you'll change everything But my heart

Instead of hoping for a way out
Instead of wanting just my way now
What if I believed your promise
That you are working in this