From the recording LIFE VOL. 1

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Like You Never Left

Sam and Becca Mizell
Sept 7, 2016

It’s like we got cut off in the middle of a sentence
with so much more to say
just like a book unfinished
and i cant turn the page
seems like you were gone in a second
before i could blink
every night i dream about heaven
where i know it will be

Like you never left
It will be just like you never left

Right now i’m half hearted
cause the other half went with you
I just can’t fight the feeling
that you should be here too
sometimes I have to tell myself
just keep breathing in
one sweet day i’ll see your face
and we’ll pick up again

Becca Mizell
You Are My Dandelion Music, SESAC
adm by Funattic Music, LLC
Sam Mizell
Shepherd and Marble Music, BMI
adm by Moon and Musky Music