1. Before

From the recording LIFE VOL. 1

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December 6, 2016
Sam and Becca Mizell

I know your heart is weary from the wait
and with each day passing you’re running out of faith
I’ve heard every prayer you’ve prayed to see my face
I have kept my promise
I have not forgotten you

Here i am tonight
Underneath your stars
I left my throne above
To be where you are
So come and know me now
Like you never have before

I know the life i will have to trade
Oh i know the nails i will have to take
But even so i cannot stay away
I will keep my promise
I have not forgotten you

I’m right before your eyes
I’m right within your reach
So bring your longing heart to me

Becca Mizell
You Are My Dandelion Music, SESAC
adm by Funattic Music, LLC
Sam Mizell
Shepherd and Marble Music, BMI
adm by Moon and Musky Music