1. Who I've Been

From the recording Getaway Car

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Who I’ve Been

Help me love the selfish ones
Who take and take til it’s all gone
And only think about themselves

Help me love the angry ones
Who start the war and rage it on
And never stop to put the fire out

Cause that’s who I’ve been
And you still loved me
Cause that’s who I’ve been
And you still love me

Help me love the prideful ones
Who think that they were born to judge
and just can’t wait to hand the sentence down

Help me love the halfway ones
Who say that they will never run
But their first to leave when the trouble comes

When my heart feels
Like an inch deep
And I just don’t
Have it in me
To love those
Who have hurt me
I know
It’s beyond me
I see darkness
I see evil
In the broken
parts of people
And it Makes me
Cry for justice
But we both know
The truth is

Becca Mizell - You Are My Dandelion Music
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Sam Mizell - Shepherd and Marble Music
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