1. Can't Find It

From the recording Getaway Car

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Can’t Find It

To speak the truth when I feel afraid
I don’t have it in me
When I’m tempted
Walk the other way
I don’t have it in me

Any strength that it takes to forgive
A true desire to keep my heart wide open
A love that loves you more than myself (A love that loves someone more that myself)
More than anything else

I can’t find it me
I find it in you
I can’t find in me
I find it in you
Everything that’s good is you
I know it’s the truth

To trust you blind when I don’t understand
I don’t have it in me
To believe yours is the better plan
I don’t have it in me

To give in let go of my pride
Admit my wrongs and try to make them right
A love that loves others more than myself
Lord I need your help

Who I am
Is incomplete
Who you are
Is what I need
Any light
that comes from me
Comes from you
Because I see

Cyndi Thompson, Becca Mizell, Sam Mizell

Becca Mizell - You Are My Dandelion Music
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Sam Mizell - Shepherd and Marble Music
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