From the recording Getaway Car

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Life You Never Planned

Could it be the turns
The bends the curves
The twists that you just never see coming
Might be the road to lead you home
When The prayers you've prayed
The plans you laid
The dreamed you've chased
All come to nothing
Nothing you can hold

Oh maybe it's a sign
A blessing in disguise
Maybe it's a gift
The life you never planned to live

Could it be the no’s
And letting go’s
All of the almost’s
That show you where you're really meant to be
Could it be the wait
The train that's late
The time it takes
For truth to wake you
To what you're really meant to see

Stars will align
Lives intertwine
When the timing is right
He will see you through
See you through
And Things you never dreamed
Could change everything
When what's behind the scenes
Is revealed to you

Becca Mizell and Sam Mizell