1. You Be You

From the recording Getaway Car

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You Be You

Some people say you’re stuck on sin
You’re all judgement
waiting just to drop the gavel
Anytime we make a mistake-well you’re just done
Some people say you’re all above love
You’re all for us
Living anyway we want to
Don’t matter what we do cause it’s all good

Some just want a rebel that breaks all the rules
Some just want the grace without hearing the truth
Some just want somebody to help them get through
Nobody wants to let you be you
Let you be you

All people really got this one
Thing in common
We all need a savior
But we wanna decide who that is
We think we can pick and choose
Which parts of you
We’re gonna be good with
And the rest we’ll try to forget

It’s like the question telling the answer
You don’t know your stuff
It’s like the sheep telling the shepherd
Cmon and follow us
It’s like a raindrop telling the ocean
You don’t stretch far enough
We’re just the broken
Telling the perfect
This is how you should look

Becca Mizell - You Are My Dandelion Music
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Sam Mizell - Shepherd and Marble Music
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